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Activity Sectors

Activity Sectors

Assistance out of court

Out of court assistance takes the form of advice on the countless aspects of business practice which may in one way or another raise questions of criminal law nowadays; often this advice specifically concerns the preparation of suitable "Organization And Management Models" as required by the Italian Corporate Liability Act (Legislative Order 231 of 8 june 2001)

Assistance in court

Advice and representation in criminal proceedings especially in relation to the following offences:

-Corporate malpractice;
-Offences in connection with bankruptcy or composition generally;
-Tax offences;
-Offences under banking law;
-Offences under laws concerning financial services;
-Offences against public bodies or under administrative regulations;
-Offences against the administration of justice;
-Enviromental and planning offences;
-Offences concerning honour, reputation or privacy;
-Offences against persons or property.

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