Alessio Lanzi

Alessio Lanzi was born in Genoa on 25 August 1949; he is now a registered advocate authorized to appear before the Italian Central Appeal Court (Cassazione), a member of the Milan bar, and Co-ordinator of the Private Business Law Section of the Business Law Department of Milan Bicocca University.
Since 1996 he has been Professor of Business Criminal Law in the Business Studies Faculty first of Milan University, and, since 1998, of Milan Bicocca University. He had previously (from 1980 onwards) been an Associate Professor and then Professor of Criminal Law in the Law Faculty of Parma University. Since 1999 until 2014 he has also been Professor of Criminal Law at the Academy of the Tax Inspectorate in Bergamo.
Since 1998 he has been Editor-in-chief of “L’Indice Penale”, an academic criminal law review founded by Pietro Nuvolone and now published by DIKE.
He is also Joint Editor of the business criminal law quarterly “Rivista trimestrale di diritto penale dell’economia”, and sits on the expert advisory committees of the Italian review of European public law “Rivista italiana di diritto pubblico comunitario” and the “Rivista IUS17 - Studi e materiali di diritto penale” [Criminal Law Studies and Source Materials].
His published writings include monographs on the criminal law protecting credit (“La tutela penale del credito”), constitutional freedoms and justificatory rights under Criminal Code Art. 51 (“La scriminante dell’art. 51 c.p. e le libertà costituzionali”), new taxation offences, especially in connection with issues of corporate criminal liability (“I nuovi reati tributari – Con particolare riferimento alle tematiche del diritto penale d’impresa”, with G.Bersani), the use of case-law in criminal justice (“<> in diritto penale”, with C.M. Pricolo), a textbook on Business Criminal Law (“Istituzioni di diritto penale dell’economia”, with S. Putinati), a book of readings in tax law (“Lezioni di diritto penale tributario”), another on tax offences (“L’illecito tributario”, with P. Aldrovandi) and, in 2011, a textbook on Tax and fiscal Criminal Law ("Manuale di diritto penale tributario", with P. Aldovrandi), as well as a great number of papers and articles on criminal law matters, and in particular on issues in business criminal law).
He is joint editor of a criminal law book series of the Dike Giuridica publisher called "Temi ed attualità penalistiche", and he was joint editor and author of a legal commentary on tax law and procedure “Diritto e procedura penale tributaria” (CEDAM, 1989 and 2001), and on new forms of corporate criminal liability “I nuovi reati societari” and "I reati societari" (CEDAM, 2002 and 2007).

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